$2.11 B

Palantir is able to integrate all forms of data, including real-time logs, emails, chat conversations, social media content, and even images and video content. Engineers, as they help install the platform, pool data from all sources, ingesting them into the Palantir platform and creating objects that can be referenced during an investigation.

Over the years, Palantir has added several new technologies to its two product platforms, based on its learning in the defense and finance domains, and it has proliferated them to other industry domains. Palantir is very popular among customers primarily because of its user-friendly applications, which help identify unusual patterns. Analysts can then research those patterns further to develop investigative hypotheses while maintaining data privacy.



         RECENT NEWS

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Palantir expected to be valued at nearly US$22B in trading debut, as reported by The Wall Street Journal   24 September 2020

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