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Ericsenz Global Fund VCC

Ericsenz Global Fund VCC consists of a portfolio of stocks across the fintech spectrum, from smaller companies establishing digital transformation in the industry and future disruptors, to established players with a global reputation.

The Fund aims to provide investors comprehensive access, particularly seeing how all areas of the economy and the consumer have ‘come online’ and provided a truly robust environment for investment. A combination of revolutionary technology with 24/7 device-agnostic access, increased efficiency and lowered costs for both consumer and merchant, virtually every transaction is now

digitally possible

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Our global fintech strategy mimics the same high conviction process of our management team, a disciplined analysis on chosen companies using on a bottom-up basis with a focus on firms with sustainable business models, strong financial track records and valuations.

More on the VCC

The Variable Capital Company (VCC) is a new corporate entity structure in Singapore under that can be used for a wide range of investment funds and provides fund managers greater operational flexibility. It is similar to the open-ended investment company structure in the UK and protected cell company or segregated portfolio company structures in jurisdictions like Guernsey or the Cayman Islands. 

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