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Unicorn Fund
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Unicorn Fund
Frontier Fund

We look to provide our investors access to globally recognized tech companies, pushing the boundaries of innovation, and proven to have a disruptive impact on its chosen market. Our investments span a wide variety of companies in various stages of growth – from early stage, high growth businesses to mature, profitable companies – across several industries.

Invest in Innovation,

Shape the Future

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Access to Unicorns

Exclusive access to highly valuable unicorns & private tech startups across US, Europe and Asia 

Intrinsic Growth Potential

Global startup funding continues to smash new records, paving the way for unicorns & private growth companies to soar to greater heights

Deep Domain Expertise

Decades of tested knowledge in all aspects of private equity and capital markets spanning multiple businesses and market cycles.

Varied Strategic Exits

We target superior returns by practising proactive exit preparation processes with data driven analysis and due dilligence.


Frontier technology as core investment focus

Space Frontier

Space tech investment opportunity spans terrestrial, orbital, and exploratory domains--encompassing a more than $200 billion


Energy Tech

Global commitment to combat climate change and the acceleration transition to electric vehicles are fuelling rapid growth in the energy market as it shifts from fossil fuels to sustainable solutions.

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Digital Health

Healthcare is seeing major digital disruption as technologies such as Predictive healthcare (AI), VR, wearables, & telehealth which serve to improve patient’s lives.

Al will become the key driver of technologies such as big data, robotics and loT, disrupting the future of virtually every industry.

Artificial Technology

The Metaverse momentum will drive explosive growth in Gaming, Esports, & entertainment, and accelerate adoption of VR/AR technologies, 5G/6G infrastructure, blockchain, digital assets & smart wearables.


Legacy financial systems is under serious threat from the rise of fintech innovations include mobile wallets, digitised money, peer-to-peer platforms, and alternative lending.


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