Airbnb is an online marketplace and hospitality service for people to lease short-term lodging which includes various types of accommodations such as holiday cottages, bedrooms, apartments, homestays, villas, hostels, and more (“Homes”).


Airbnb also provides social experiences such as tours, events, dining experiences, activities, classes, shows and other forms of entertainments on their platform (“Experiences”) complementing it’s Airbnb Homes business. The company does not own any real estate or conduct tours; instead brokers it’s hospitality services and receives a percentage of service fees in conjunction with every booking. Airbnb offers its services across more than 191 countries and serving 100,000 cities. Currently it carries more than 6 million listings and have booked more than 300 million guests worldwide.



Bloomberg: Airbnb to operate complied with ESG standards   13 November 2020

Yahoo Finance news on Airbnb's delay in IPO filing to distance it from election   11 November 2020

Yahoo news reported Airbnb being classed as a gatekeeper by the EU   09 November 2020

Reuters reported Airbnb Inc plans to make its IPO registration despite COVID-19   05 November 2020

Economic Times: Airbnb creates endowment, the advisory board for hosts ahead of IPO  29 October 2020

CNBC reporting on Airbnb teaming up with former Apple design boss Jony Ive   21 October 2020

Bloomberg Law: Airbnb adds pair of legal leaders ahead of IPO  17 October 2020

Reuters reported that Airbnb aims to raise roughly US$3B in IPO  3 October 2020

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