In 2014, former professional footballer, Tim Brown and renewable material expert, Joey Zwillinger developed their idea for a sustainable shoe. Together, they crafted revolutionary wool fabric made specficially for footwear. In 2016, Allbirds was officially launched with only just one shoe.

Allbirds is a shoe company that has been developed entirely from natural and recycled materials- making sustainability the core part of the production. As a certified B Corp, Allbirds incorporated comfort with sustainability by inventing a propriety knit from tree with yarn, renewable and responsibly sourced. Additionally, its shoelaces are made from recycled plastic bottles, the eyelets created from microorganisms that consume plant sugars, and foam soles made from sugarcane’s biomass which also power the mill. It is the ultimate mix of style meets sustainability.

Allbirds pioneered in the footwear transformation by being the first in the industry to create runners out of wool.

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