Palantir is able to integrate all forms of data, including real-time logs, emails, chat conversations, social media content, and even images and video content. Engineers, as they help install the platform, pool data from all sources, ingesting them into the Palantir platform and creating objects that can be referenced during an investigation.

Over the years, Palantir has added several new technologies to its two product platforms, based on its learning in the defense and finance domains, and it has proliferated them to other industry domains. Palantir is very popular among customers primarily because of its user-friendly applications, which help identify unusual patterns. Analysts can then research those patterns further to develop investigative hypotheses while maintaining data privacy.


Palantir hires Citadel Securities for direct listing on NYSE

11 September 2020

As direct listing looms, Palantir insiders are accelerating stock sales

10 September 2020

Palantir is being valued around $10.5 billion ahead of direct listing as investors question growth story

9 September 2020

Palantir registers shares in direct listing, trades on Sept. 23

9 September 2020


Palantir opens books to investors ahead of NYSE listing

7 September 2020

In amended filing, Palantir admits it won’t have independent board governance for up to a year

3 September 2020


Palantir to relocate headquarters from Silicon Valley to Colorado

19 August 2020

Palantir plans direct listing for late September

13 August 2020


Palantir confidentially files to go public 

6 July 2020

Palantir appoints first female board member ahead of IPO 

24 June 2020

Japanese insurer Sompo investing US$500 million in data analytics firm Palantir

19 June 2020

Palantir is said to file IPO in weeks for fall debut 

12 June 2020


Britain gave Palantir access to sensitive medical records of Covid-19 patients in £1 deal 

8 June 2020

CEO Alex Karp says Palantir Technologies may go public within a year 

26 May 2020

Palantir expects revenue to top $1 billion this year 

9 April 2020

To track virus, government weighs surveillance tools that push privacy limits

17 March 2020


Palantir, the data-mining company co-founded by Trump ally Peter Thiel lands $823 million government contract

26 February 2020

Palantir revises compensation to save cash, prep for future IPO 

15 February 2020

Peter Thiel’s Palantir launches $150m joint venture with Japan’s Sompo

20 November 2019

Palantir's Hotly Anticipated IPO Set to Slide to 2020

24 May 2019

Palantir Stops Mocking Salespeople and Starts Hiring Them

7 January 2019

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